1974AD in London

Sorry Ive been off the radar, exam seasons kicked in. Im moving location aswell. Its all kicking off. Palomino is away with her girlfriends and she’ll be back after her exams too. Dont forget to keep reading and checking out the site. Ive got an exciting public figure from Nepal confirmed for the next ‘Ek Chin with…’ on the 28th. Shes a Miss Nepal. Wont say anymore.
 the concert took place in Scala on 3rd of May
girls went GAGA over Manoj Kumar KC
‘Mr Yakthungba’ said a voice from a dude behind me. Total LOLS.
Nattu and The Band were awesome live.
the message from the crowd.
Yes, they were awesome. They sang, they jived, they rocked. 1974AD.
Nattu and The Band were really good live too, Nattu sounds better live and the band do a really good job with the music. See You on the next post.
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  1. lol miss u sign looked like iksha. add the photo tht preeti made of the banner too looks cute!

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