Jharana and Aryan in Dherai Bhayo

Dherai Bhayo is the recent track from Ciney Gurung’s album ”Reflections of Love”. The video has Kohi…Mero leads Jharana Bajracharya and Aryan Sigdel.

Director: Alok Nembang
Lyricist: Basant Chaudhary
Music: Nhyoo Bajracharya
Camera: Dhiraj Jung Shah
Editor: Prakash Tuladhar

 Jharana and Aryan in Kohi…Mero

To watch the video on its Original Page click HERE.

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  1. alok menbang needs to put mogolian faces in movies u know….i personally dont like it although i am aware of the improvement in nepali movie industry ..the reason is because i liked sano sansar very much but as soon as I saw them dancing in ghagra and dancing in some indian inspired song..i was like… here we go again….why cant they make a movie that is authentic and proper nepali..
    This movie does’nt higlight the issues neapli people face today..

    The only movie i like of his is Kagbeni
    Jai nepal

  2. Mongolian FACES lets say Mongolian Talent or Brain …
    r there any mongols left in NEPAL?
    Where!!!!!lemme know ….

    Ya U can see loads of Mongol faces in ‘Goodbye Kathmandu’ from d Director of ‘Numafung’
    Starring Former Miss Nepal Malvika Subba n bunch of United Academians (i.e. students of UA)…

  3. to those who run facebook of Kohi Mero…

    why on Earth dey upload dis video in social networking site so called FACEBOOK not in video-sharing web like YOUTUBE. Smart A***

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