Gurkha Cup – The Photos

One of the biggest Nepali social events took place on Sunday; Gurkha Cup. With the girls decked out in their Summer outfits, boys in their best to impress the single ladies – Gurkha Cup was an orgy of fashion. Who cares if we didnt go there to watch the football, if we were that interested then we would’ve been home watching the Japan game on telly. Some ‘tagged’ along, some came to meet their online boyfriend/girlfriends and some came to say hello to their ‘Facebook’ friends. Ive got some pictures below :)), largely of me but I hope you enjoy them. The event did have a little scuffle between different #gang of boys (stabbing :O), hope alls well. It was topped off by an impressive paragliders jumping out of the light aircraft waving the British and Nepali flags.
Jai Nepal!
Promoting Kohi…Mero

With Shirish Khadka – Promoting an event. 🙂

Girls with Sabin Rai

Promoting the Shirish Khadka and Top Event Launch Party

GG the awesome PhotoBlogger and Me.

More Pics on HERE
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