Kunal’s Cafe Mitra

Cafe Mitra is one joint out of many which is tucked away into a corner far from the madness in Thamel. If you were looking for an accomodation in the central hub then you would’nt have to look any further, Cafe Mitra also has what is dubbed the ‘Dera’ rooms which have immaculate designs with affordable prices. The friendly owner Kunal Lama consistently plays a wonderful host to his guests and you can never fail to spot his mascot, Jimmy; probably the cleanest dog in Nepal. Apart from the warm hospitality the cuisine is diverse with a large majority of Western dishes on the menu. In theFB group, some have said its the best place for ”organic salad and merlot wine”. If you are in the city and want to venture somewhere with culture and art then Cafe Mitra is highly recommended. The old-Newari building mixes well with the modern designs and colours of the setting. I hope you do make it there, but I’ll leave you with some beautiful pictures.
the lounge 
 dining area
 Dera rooms
the lounge with Mitras
the garden/patio area
Dera rooms.
massage room
Chocolate Mille-feuille with Lime Mousse & Caramel-Orange Sauce from the New Menu
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  1. looks really chic, blend of old and new! esp liking the dessert, when i was last in ktm it was difficult finding a place tht did a good western dessert!

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