Exclusive: Top Event UK Launch

proudly holding my RSVP invite for the launch party
There are tonnes of Nepali parties taking place in London and the South East throughout the year. Most of them are organized by friends turned investors, we’ve seen huges successes such as Aunai Parcha by Nawal Rai and Co. – aptly titled Parcha Productions and bigger flops. Moving on, Top Event UK is a new name which is guaranteed to become the next best thing. This event planning company consists of creative, energetic and enthusiastic individuals with the remit being to produce the most imaginative, innovative and spectacular events. The concept is to provide an ultimate event experience giving customers value for their money.
Their launch will take place on the 3rd of July, admission by invitation only 😉 . This will just be a teaser of the type of events which you can expect throughout the year. This V.I.P. event will take place at the Apothecary Bar where 300 special guests are expected to arrive in style. The website TopEventUK will also be launched on the same night. With their aim to be the premier Nepali event portal we can finally see a UK equivalent to PartyNepal. More than the launch, I look forward to the series of events which they have planned. From Nepali film premieres, album launches to corporate events; Top Event UK has undoubtedly set their goals high. 

I’m expecting glitz, glamour and a whole load of gossip the day after. To all the party animals, be ready! Partying is finally reaching the next level. I’ll see you there if your lucky to have been invited. 😉 
Strictly 18 and Over.
Lex Limbuhttps://lexlimbu.com
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.
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  1. finally something we all have been waiting for, deff looking forward for it. where can we get the invitation from …….

  2. bring it on! who is going to be best! pineapple express, top event, kamakazii,azi group and zone-n9

  3. u cannot judge!!! …. bring it on! we will see ! there are like four or five events management in uk!! .. we will see who is the best

  4. love ur site mate, i enjoy reading your commentaries.. keep writing..

    and topeventuk all the best..

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