First Love’s Pahilo Show!

Vinay Shrestha, Aryan Sigdel, Karma, Nisha Adhikary, Reecha Sharma.
The film premiere for the new Nepali movie First Love took place in Jai Nepal Cinema, Kathmandu last night. The premiere sans the red carpet saw a flock of public figures, media persons and well wishers. This is Simosh Sunwar’s second after Mission Paisa and lets hope he wont be ridiculed this time. Recent developments suggest that Namrata Shrestha has a special role in the movie where she links up with the lonely Karma in the end. hmm, watch and find out :P. In cinemas all over Nepal from today! Il have the link to a movie review soon…

 Namrata Shrestha, Nisha Adhikari, Varun Rana, Reecha Sharma

Lex Limbu
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