Sanchita in Bikini Tops for Kohi Mero

Dubbed the Nepali Rani Mukherjee, Sanchita Luitel is all set to be seen in a bikini top for a song sequence for the movie Kohi Mero which is set to release all across Nepal on August 20th. This will be the first time for the quaint actress whos personal life has been on public display for the past few months after revelation of her secret marriage to Kollywood action hero Nikhil Uprety. First Love seems to have taken the box office by storm if the current trend continues, however we’ll find out if this continues once Kohi Mero hits the big screen.

Director Alok Nembang was recently in Mumbai to complete the mixing for the feature film, this took place in Canaries Post Sound Studio where blockbusters such as Slumdog Millionaire and the upcoming Robots did their mixing. 

 Alok Nembang, Suraj Banshal and Sanchita Luitel in Mumbai

 The old Sanchita!! (Jokes)

Sanchita looks scorching from the still images of Kohi Mero! We’ll have to wait and watch to find out what her character is really about. 🙂

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