Nepal Police – Your Experiences?

Its 2 Months till Dashain, one happy group of people are Nepal Police and Traffic, Im sure theyre doing their annual best at scamming people and taking their money! Sure was successful with me last year. Have you had any incidents with Nepal Police. I know many have, getting arrested for minor things like going to a bar at night to just walking alone. They do create the ”DRAMA”. Tell me your story!
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.
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  1. Nepal Police r Pidit…well k garos tahh bcharaa haruu mathii dhekii ramroo bhyee poo..sabaii chor like in india..india lay nepal mah afnoo chap chaiii naramro sanga chodyooo…

  2. nice post!! @ soul, ” teti sure india ma sabai chor bhanay ra?”
    lol anyways india ma police haru dekhda nai scary lagcha … police haru nai bad ho justai lagcha!!

  3. I have a family member from nepali police force. so my views and opinions may be biased.
    But do talk about gorkhalis in uk taking bribes next time hai. Nepal ta garib desh vayo, so we cant blame those low paid policemen but we’re in a different situation here in uk and still bribery exists. can you do more research on that please?
    No offence to anyone who comes from British gurkha armies’ family.

  4. Who took out wat in uk?? n yes.. i do know tht Nepal is kindavpoor! BUT, why is it poor? well, the answer lies to the politicians itself!
    Nepal is not poor, the people r makin it poor! Nepal has loads of resources but, noone uses it or they just sell it!
    n p.s. Just wanna know who is takin bribes in uk??
    my dad is a nepalese stayin in britain so, my opinions too may be biased!

  5. Hello mr/ms anonymous no.2!
    well the funny fact is that my dad is a nepalese living and staying in uk and even funnier he used to be in the army too. well, obviously i can’t pin point who’s taking what not in uk cuz i bet you guys can’t do the same with the nepalese police force.
    ani nepal poor vako blame, politicians hunu sakcha, uni haru ko budget plan ma police haru lai matra hoina sabai sarkari kamdar haru lai underpay gareko huncha.
    Please understand, I’m not trying to say all gurkhalis in uk or singapore or india take bribes. I’m just saying this tradition exists in the gurkha army too. ani manchey haru le dekhda nepali police haru lai matra dekcha. here, we’re talking about pounds, arka ko desh ma aayera esto garnu, esp where corruption is one of the most humiliating crime.

  6. ettikai samatyo?…I mean without any reason..just 2 baje bike ma party baata aayeko bhanera?…aru kehi reason ta thiyo hola ni samatnu maa?

  7. Nepal Police, I have a family member serving in Nepal Police…So, I have seen the way they work, I know there are a lot of Nepal Police who take bribes…But don’t blame the whole system!…I think its the people who offer bribe and the people who accept to offer bribe when asked, are at fault. Nepalese people talk about sincerity and go on blaming Nepali politics, police, and everything else they can find. But have they ever stopped once and thanked those who have done their jobs well? Like for example lets take the Nepal Police, My Uncle who is in the Police Force doesn’t get weekends off, And he is a high ranking officer, talk about the lower ranks, they hardly get to see their family, they have little pay, and who do you think work when you are out there celebrating Dashain and Tihar…?…

  8. And who do you think fought with the Maoists??..Nepal Police!…Not the army, Nepal Army only got involved at the end, Nepal Police neither had the weapon nor did they get the encouragement from the general public as deserved. Its sad, Noones every talked good about the Nepal Police, its really sad.
    Nepal Police has by far solved most of the crimes even without the resources. Look at the newspaper people, they solve almost all of the cases.
    Talking about traffic police in Nepal, Have you seen the traffic, the roads in Nepal? Have you felt the heat? How would you like to stand in the busy streets, with so little pay and such hard working condition…Don’t even compare Nepal with UK!..They have traffic lights everywhere in UK, In Nepal its the Nepal Police…
    Respect Nepal Police…!..

  9. Comment post garna ali dhila bhayo… I guess!

    Tara pani, I guess almost all of those who posted above are now in UK. Ani tapai haru le j bhane pani, nepali police/traffic haru ko attitude haru kasto huncha bhanera yehi aaye pachi taha huncha… [ sorry if I sound rude ]

    pahileyko barsa, Dashain ra tihar ko bicha ma malai pani samatyo.
    Ma Fulbari Resort ko pachadi ko bato, around 9:30 tira ghara farkadai garda police le bike rokna lagayo. Regular traffic checking jasto lagethyo tara sidhai van ma baas bhanna lagyo. maile reason sodhda pani “Mathi bata testai order aako cha bhai ek chin chauki jaam na ta” bhanera reply diyo, kasaile pani tyaha bhanda badhi kei information diyena.. 9:50 ma chauki pugyo normal inspection gare pachi chauki ko ledger ma post garne bela thyakka 10:00 bajeko thiyo. Ani pachi malai lockup ma haldiyo… raat bhari ma sochdai thiye malai kina yaha lyayo bhanera. bholi bihana chauki ko Inspector le sabai le bolayo. Ani tyaha tyo Inspector tesai risayera mukh choddai bhanna lagyo, “Sale! Gurung ko Chora haru sabai estai ho, bau aama bidesh ma dukha garera paisa kamaune Chora haru bahne CASINO gayera udaune!”

    Ani teti bela realize bhayo, I was in a big trouble. Khaas kura chai kasto rahecha bhane. Fulbari resort ko casino (or kunai pani caisno) ma Nepali haru lai khelna nadine raicha… Ani tyaha bela-bela ma Police raid hanna janu parne raicha… Hotel wala sanga pailai kura milayra, Police aunu bhanda paila casino ko sabai nepali customers haru lai restaurant/hotel tira lagepachi, Police audo rahecha. Tara kohi na kohi ta samatnai paryo, ani teti bela aru haru sanga ma pani pareko raicha!

    malai ta raati 11:00 baje casino bata Inspector Saab le lakhatnu bhako re… Ani ma chai resort ko pachadi ko bato bata bhagne bela police ko van aayera samateko re! jaba ki mero khalti ma Rs.500 bhanda badhi thiyena… Abo ma kasari Rs.500 liyera casino ma jane??? Tei mathi chauki ko ledger ma time pani 10:00 baje ko cha… I just can’t get it! kasto confidence saath jhut bolna sakne ho??

    Ani arko kura…
    Malai chauki ma rakhne bela ma raati 2 baje medical checkup ra alcohol test garna bhanera hospital lagyo… I was expecting some blood tests and all that tara testo kei pani bhayena. Doctor ko agadi sabailai line ma rakhdiyo ani doctor le sabai lai sodhyo, “jaad raksi khacha ki khachaina” I replied “Khachaina”… tespachi pathaidiyo…
    Government le tesari tyo doctor lai medical check up ra alcohol test ko paisa pay garcha bhane yaha government ko paisa ko miss use bhairako cha…

  10. okay this is the worst reason to get arrested,soo i will describe the scene,it was around 1;00 pm sooo what happen was i was running from RB complex to tamrakar complex because i was getting late,me and my friends planned out soo these 2 police guys stopped me and asked me to check my bag soo well they saw a FAKE TOY GUN,then they arrested me and took me to bishal bazzar police station n they slapped me twice and checked my mobile,ipod and camera and asked me many question and after that they allowed me to call my parents and they came but still he didnt leave me,what happen was their head officer was sleeping till 6:00 pm when he woke up he just left me.Soo they wasted my time.
    and people never run even if your getting late !!

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