First Hummer in Nepal

Shamonneeee!!! Kathmandu has got its first hummer, the exclusive luxury automobile which has recently been imported was handed over to its owner on August 26. Someone find out who owns this shizz. Shaakha & Co made this happen after they linked up with Hummer International Automotive. Do they have a Nepali Price for the car?
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Owned by Bikrant Shrestha
    Friend of a brother
    Well he is so fucking loaded man
    He also has a Ducati.
    Guy was in Rehab found a swiss girl married her turned out she is the one and only daughter of some swiss watch company owner.
    I envy him. 3:)

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