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There are many young working professionals in Nepal who are living the American Dream in our own motherland. When I think of someone who’s living the American Dream, I think of Poonam Bomjan. Poonam who is the Deputy Director of Sunrise Paragliding, Owner and Director of Sunrise Trekking and Expeditions has achieved a lot through her work, this has also managed to land her in the Top 10 Women to Watch for VOW (Voice of Women) magazine. If you ever get an opportunity to meet her you will instantly know she has that zing in her personality. When she speaks, her words are on fire. Whether she’s talking about her Pokhara or her life Miss Bomjan does it with style. You want to know more about her, her go-getter attitude is certainly something which you do not see in many Nepali women. Also the first Nepali female to be a paragliding pilot, Poonam expresses her undying love for flying. Here’s a short conversation we had when we caught up with her recently.
You are an example of a successful businesswoman in Nepal, how do you juggle your work/life balance? You know, when you are doing something that you genuinely love and enjoy doing , then everything kind of flows. Of course there are trying times, but no matter what, you got to keep your cool and not lose sight of your goal. I guess this kind of attitude has always helped me stay at the top of my game. And let me tell you that , I don’t juggle, I love my work and my life, I live for it!
Post the maoists Civil War, several other paragliding companies have formed, what makes Sunrise Paragliding unique in comparison to its competitors?I have witnessed and participated in a long and tedious chain of change in the past 15 years, since my father Mr Biru Bomjan established the company in this country and the fact that the name SUNRISE in itself is a brand name makes a tremendous difference today. Lets not forget the fact that we are the first paragliding company in Nepal. My Dad started it almost sixteen years ago. So being so long in the business makes us the masters of the game. I am saying this without any vanity,we are the most experienced!! We have never compromised on safety, service, satisfaction. We are not only there for business but also to share and spread love and friendship, our charity “Nepal goes to School”, is an example of this. We love people and we love this sports. My whole family is into this.We understand the business and the sports like no one else. Customer care and service means everything to us, the very essence of being a Nepalese , Athithi devo bhawa and I guess that people can see it for themselves also.
With only four months till Nepal Tourism Year 2011, is there any special promotional packages that Sunrise will be introducing?Yes of course, but for that our customers will have to wait till October for official launching.

Do you think Nepal is capable of handling 1 million tourists?
Honestly. No!!  
What are the main problems you have faced running a business in Nepal?There are far too many on the list, but to make it short, zero understanding of how to run a tourism business and cater to the international market. I will also say, the various ministries, the ministers, the ministers pimps!! Shame on them!! Poor organization, not understanding what it means to be professional and of course huge corruption and power play on all fronts !! Peoples inability to go with the flow and accept change and challenge, lack of infrastructure and so on….And yes of course..unhealthy competition, it’s a bit of a monkey show here at the moment…..sorry but I was taught ,”Honesty is the best policy!!!

Majority of Nepalis still class paragliding as a luxurious sport which is beyond their reach, what are your thoughts?
Thougts are loud and clear , “Yes”..because its worth it. You will never ever be able to describe the roller coaster of emotions that go through you when you are up there. It also gives you an insight into your ownself and teaches and shows you so many things about yourself,life, nature… your whole existence in fact. And you know what ,its less expensive than a set of your gadgets!!! I say if you are thinking about it, you should do it!! And make sure you do with with Sunrise.xx

You are also the first female Nepali paraglider pilot, where did the passion for flying come from and how did it happen?
I would say it runs in the family, my older brother started it, who is also the first Nepalse paragliding pilot, then my other 2 younger brothers did it . Then me and my sister-in-law as well. The licensing system is available through our company together with NAA(Nepal Airsports Association).
 As you’ve mentioned Sunrise also has its own charity org ‘Nepal Goes to School’, care to give more details about that?Its something that was initiated by me alone and later I got the support of Sunrise and my people. We try to find sponsers and collect donations to educate poor children around the neighbourhood here. Its been a year and a half already, theres about 50 children at the moment. But there is more we can do, and I am in desperate need of some help from everyone that’s interested. Its not about your image but about appreciating a lot of things we take in life for granted, about giving and taking chances and most of all helping a child to what should be their birth right- EDUCATION!!
Where can we find Poonam Bomjan on a Friday night?At home, after dinner impatiently waiting for Glee to start at 10:15 pm!!
Thank you for your time, any last words for lexlimbu.com viewers?You are welcome Lex! You will go a long way in life, …. To the viewers…… come fly with us the experience is really worth a lifetime!!! Please take a look at the charity work “Nepal goes to School” and please help if you can!!! Lex is the coolest , so stay cool with him!
Believe in yourself, learn to love , live and smile!xoxo
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