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Its been three days since Kohi…Mero released in over 40 cinemas across Nepal. The movie has generated approx 31 lakhs just on Friday and Saturday according to DCN (Digital Cinemas Nepal). Made at a rough budget of 80 lakhs, business for KM is expected to do better in the urban areas. For the first time, Ive been able to witness hoardes of movie reviews for a Nepali movie. Each are brilliant in their own ways. I wont sugarcoat it and say the response for the movie is excellent. The response is encouraging. People are appreciating it however there are people who are disappointed with the story and the product. We also have to realise that there are two tottally different markets in Nepal, the mass who watch Nepali cinema and the new mass who are trying to watch Nepali cinema. This is where the thoughts differ. Below are few lines taken from reviews by newspapers and the general viewers.

The movie, however, is a break from the run-of-the-mill Nepali cinemas. Definitely, director Alok Nembang has succeeded in showing that with a little more of research Nepali films can get a new lease of life. Go for it for the fine cinematography, music and packaging.MyRepublica

Acting wise the lead actors walk away with all accolades. Luitel is very good in expression and dialogue delivery and Sigdel is very good with comic timing but will have to work on emotional scenes. Thapa has got a good debut role and is very good as a smitten lover. He shows promise. Bajracharya fits perfectly in her role as the silent lover. A must-watch for those who say Nepali movie is waste of time — this will help you change your opinion. The Himalayan Times

Nembang’s skill is evident in the production and presentation. However, proper editing and a better script would have made the film much better.The Kathmandu Post

A definite recommend for movie goers, Kohi… Mero is a respectable production from Kollywood. Hats off to Prawin for conjuring up such a brilliantly “mushy” love story and Alok for bringing it onto the silver screen.Maden’s Blog

Production flaws aside, after having watched Kohi… Mero I have a sense that Nepali cinema is going in the right direction. I came to be entertained, and entertained I certainly was.The Ajnabee

 It tugs very strongly at your heartstrings and doesn’t let go, though minor hiccups spoil the flow.  ‘Kohi Mero’ is a roller coaster ride of emotions for sure.- Housefull Cinema

The film is more of galvanizer I would say in a way that it was led away too far- lots of publicity, awaitings, big- famous names attached, urban-craze bringing with it a huge expectations of newness to which the film comparatively couldnt go upto the level they were really hoping.– Sadhana Sanba Limbu

Really nice storyline. Really pleased this time. Kohi… Mero is a road to improvement for the Nepali film industry. – Biraj Rai

I watched ♥ Kohi Mero ♥ anta movie start bhaera end hunda samma I remembered you!! The movie was awesome!! – Erica


Choreography and locations are to die for, liked Jharanaji a lot, she is awsome in the movie. Richa Ghimire (actress)


Ramro Direction+Ramro Story+Ramro Sangeet+Ramro Drishya = Ramro film”Kohi Mero” – Ramesh Mittal


Very slow, but better than Sano Sansar – Razz Rai


Ramro laagyo movie!! Waiting for next movie from Alok dai!!! – Jeevan Swar


Wow. This is it.. This is the movie that Nepali viewers were searching for.. thanks a lot Alok.– Sauram Raj


It’s a really nice movie. Sanchita d & Aryan dai ko act real 6! Jharana d ko jati sochiyeko thiyo teti chaina. You are my favourite director! Next time kehi new liyera aaunu la? – Sea Wave


Aryan and Subash’s acting is very weak, improve it. – Sameer Paudel


Great first half but second half is below average. – Nigame Shrestha


Simply presented Good music Good Performance Better Direction and Best cinematography – Ujjwal Humagain


  I watched the movie after a long long time & i really liked it. Subash Thapa and Aryan rock…sud watch movie by movie lovers… – Bikram Khadka


Aryan, you are the best in this industry, keep doing this type of standard movies – Abin Ghimire


Subash j hos tapai Nepali film industry ko lagi naya backbone hunuhuncha……. hamle ajai hajur bata asha garya chau keep it up. – Aalok Atreya


 Acting wise i was impressed by Aryan. I’ve seen a couple of his performances and this was by faaaar the best. Very natural and at ease in his role. So that means he’s growing as an actor, but it’s also to Aloks credit – a director who’s capable of getting the best out of his actors. I wasn’t a big fan of Sanchita as I always thought she sort of over-acts, but i thought she did a wonderful job here, and she looks gorgeous. Subash i think did a very good job, he plays a quiet but cunning guy and there is no nepali-style big gestures or ‘loud acting’ in his performance whatsoever- you can see all of Prayash feelings go on on th inside. His theatre foudations shine through and i think he did great in the emotional scenes (in the hospital, sitting on the porch w jharana). And he does look pretty hot too. (Towel scene had audiences whistling n shouting woooohooooo!) hehehehe. Jharana’s role is quite small, i would have liked to see more of her, because she is very good as Divya. Very ‘mature’ role, which she does so well, and her voice is very nice to listen to. She portrays her character with a lot of ease and ensuality at the same time. Niiiiice job JB.Sunanda Chandry Koning

NEXT STOP for Kohi… Mero is expected to be Ausralia, UK and the USA.

”Movie heridiyera matra criticise gardinuhos” Jharana and Alok.

To all my Facebook friends, thank you for watching.

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  1. So, when is it gonna be out in uk???? or maybe in youtube? Can ue pls cover on tht Lex?
    THnx anyways 🙂

  2. that nigga put a whole Indian lookin cast mayne this films nothing resembles our Nepali culture and reflect our lifestyle its a watered down version of bollywood film lex stop promoting these misleading projects u know better bro by the way super kool blog keep up the good hard work cheers 1eyeLizzy

  3. It was a great first half but as the second half begins few problems on the flow of the film got started.. Anyway, I enjoyed the film, a great work Alok dai.. Aryan and Sanchita were awesome.. Keep up the good things.. all the best

  4. It was a great first half but as the second half begins few problems on the flow of the film got started.. Anyway, I enjoyed the film, a great work Alok dai.. Aryan and Sanchita were awesome.. Keep up the good things.. all the best

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