Nepal B Boy Championship 2010

B-Boying/Hip Hop dancing has surely taken over the mass at the mo! Nepal B Boy Championship took place on Sunday at the Rastriya Naachghar in Kathmandu. Everest All Stars A defeated The Battle Nutz which respectively became the First Runner Up followed by The Gorkhali B Girls.
The seven groups competing for the coveted title were “The Everest All Stars A”, “The Everest All Stars B, “Battle Nutz”, “The Gorkhali B Girls”, “Hydronix”, “The Boys of Kirtipur A”, and “The Boys of Kirtipur B”.
The Final Battle! 
Thanks to Sameer Gurung aka Sexy Shi Shi for the video link

Lex Limbu
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  1. The crew on the left was kiillin them..haha,,but still da same old little power moves n freezes..n too much of drama rather than moves!!in one word: OKAY!!

  2. that was cool.. nepal’s moving on gud to see.. n yes battle n b-boying does not mean only showing off power moves n freezes.. by d way basic, combo, unity matters a lot n along wid it da FEELINGS… keep going boyz.. make nepal proud :]

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