Korean Actress Doing Charity in Style

Korean actress Lee Min Yeon is in a mini-controversy after several outlets have reported of her starry attitude during her trip to Nepal. The actress who visited Nepal last year in January for a 5 day trip brought along her entourage which is understandable. However, her diva demands for bathing in mineral water, requesting only Korean food and not actually mingling with the people and staying locked up in her hotel room has put her image under scrutiny. Park Jaehong of Plan Korea defended the actress’s action by saying something WAYYY SILLY!!
It’s considered a first class hotel but it doesn’t even have most of the facilities of lower end Korean hotels. It costs $30 to stay. I read that she made a request for sushi but even a three year old in the area knows that it’s impossible to find such food.” 
Eww Get away from me!!!
”Lee Min Yeon did not go there to do charity work. She was there to shoot a fashion spread with the campaign as its topic. There was no need for her to play with the children at all. She visited a rescue location for female children that were sold as dowries and suffered from sexual abuse. Lee Min Yeon decided to join the campaign in order to fight for their rights.”
Park Jaehong should recieve a disciplinary action for what he’s said. Come on, Cameron Diaz, Leonardo Dicaprio, Richard Gere and many more have visited Nepal, yes a poor country but when it comes to finding the right accomodation there is something for the elites aswell. Maybe the agency who sorted Lee Min Yeons trip should be blamed for the hotel – theres plenty in Kathmandu, Dwarika, Hyatt, Soaltee… I wont even bother talking about playing with the kids. Pfft.

Thank You to ‘Neyokofan’  for sharing this news with me.

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  1. nice read! very true! to add to the list: keanu reeves, orlando bloom, such n such been in Nepal. never heard of this atrocity before!!

  2. eh tbh she didnt even do any charity there. she didnt interact with kids or anything. only pose with them for kids. shes been currently investigated in korea

  3. to be honest, i don’t get what the big deal is. people should be able to come here and not like it. nepal doesn’t have to be everyone’s favorite “exotic” vacation/photo-shoot spot. if they want to be snobby – it’s fine. sometimes a place just doesn’t rub you the right way or you have a bad day. i’ve gone to plenty of places and strongly disliked it. my experience and opinions are mine =D for a media personality (especially a korean in korea-crazed kathmandu) she maybe should that been less of a pain in the ass, but again, she can be snooty and not be satisfied with our hotels and sushi and social work/development obsessed people. it’s a big world. she’ll just go somewhere else next year!

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