Online Premiere – Subash Timro by Sanjeev Singh

Here it is! Play it on HD Son!
This is Subash Timro, a new song by one of Nepals most popular musician Sanjeev Singh (Chulesima). The greatest thing about this project is that many Nepali’s in UK came together during the making of the music and the video. The programming has been done by Bishwo whilst the video was taken care by Clearcut Productions. The director for the video is Sachin Shrestha. Preeti Subba who is also based in the UK can be seen in the music video.
Definitely one of the better made Nepali music videos, Subash Timro will surely be a YouTube hit. Once again, the cliffs of Dover has been captured beautifully and the song has been portrayed well visually. 
Hope you enjoy it.

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Lex Limbu
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  1. Omg this is seriously the best nepali music vid I have ever seen! The song is sooo good, preeti looks amazinggg! I need this song on my itunes nowwww!

  2. The first time I heard this song, I felt nothing new, as the words are not very catchy..but the excellent video drove me to watch it again and again and again..and now, I could feel the melodious tune of this song..nice job by Sachin, he improves a lot with Pagalpan and now, he is perfect. Model Preeti Subba is awesome. Overall, an A+ music video.

  3. What a quality!everything co-ordinates each other and i’m not having enough of it….watching the video again and again…so good to c some good work after long time!keep going guys!

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