Interesting Find. If you havent seen it already then check out Nimesh and Nishesh Shrestha’s video for their song ‘Still I Love You’, the song isnt out of the world but it somehow seems very Nepali, after few replays, Im humming the tune already! Another interesting thing about the video is the storyline is inspired from an Italian movie titled Malena which starred hotty Monica Belluci. We have our own glam girl Jharana Bajracharya for this Nepali version. Someone told me that this song is sooo for me, as the lyrics fit my JB obsession.
 Jharana Bajracharya V Monica Belluci
Nepali Boys V Italian Boys lol


  1. If u want to prove ur point then add link of that movie too(any thing about that movie). so can we can believe in u.. IF u want to say ur point then dont just say it.. try to prove it too..

    The above article doesnot prove anything…

    For me its like mero ghar ma gold ko elephant cha..

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