Miss UK Nepal Talent Round

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to have witnessed the Talent Round for the upcoming Miss UK Nepal 2010 which is set to take place on October 23rd at Oak Farm Community Hall in Farnborough. The 13 girls danced, sang and acted. Every one of them brought their own little zing to their performances and looked beautiful in the Evening Gown segment. The Talent Round also had the participation from the 7 judges from respected fields. I really do hope you guys will come and make this event a success. What started off fairly small and low-key is panning out to be one of the biggest Nepali events of the year.
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  1. This kind of events are useless.
    first all the girls are not even average beautiful
    2nd. those girls answers are bullshit ,
    they said they will help orphan and etc.

    what a load of bullshit

    this is the reason i never support or go to nepalese event it’s embarrassing just the name of it , miss nepal uk lol

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