Another Gurkha Soldier Dies

Late Post. If you havent heard already – Suraj Gurung a newly married Gurkha soldier died in Helmand Province in Afghanistan on Saturday. This war has took enough lives, be it Gurkhas, Americans, British and other armies. Newly married Gurung was nicknamed ‘netboy’ due to his attachment with computers to keep in touch with his wife Permila.
Rifleman Gurung was born in Pokhara and raised in the hill town of Gorkha. He passed the gruelling selection for the British Army in December 2007.
Lex Limbu
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  1. god, may his soul rest in peace… i feel helpless having nothing to do about it! when is this going to stop? man… i feel really sad:(

  2. Can you believe his wife only got a mnth visa!!! The government is messed up.. Y not give longer visa???

    May his soul RIP… Condolence with the family!!!

  3. Life is really unpredictable. Sometimes I really think we shud live like there is no tomorrow! Life’s too short to be making enemies. So love all and live well everyone! May his soul rest in peace. God Bless! 🙁

  4. Rest In Peace Suraj daii~
    i really wanna do somethin bout this.. but WHAT??
    attinai bhayo init?

    When is this gonna end?

  5. Its sad that the UK willingly throws money at assylum seekers, but can be so tight fisted when it comes to a country that has given us 200 years of freedom and liberty. I have always and will always respect the Gurkha who have put there lives on the line for us. The British Government makes me feel ashamed, thank you Nepal for these brave heros.

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