This post is inspired from a blog that I follow. The Ajnabee; Shes a Londoner who’s now working somewhere in Terai, Nepal and her posts are about her experiences and encounters in Nepal. Nowadays surprisingly a large amount of people that land up on my website actually search lexlimbu on google. Now thats quite something right? People are searching my name on google.[Next- Wikipedia Page Please] How intriguing. There are many good key terms I have found that people use to land up on my website such as, Nepali Films, Successful Limbu, Jharana Bajracharya and a host of other upcoming talents name etc.
However, there are times when I just stare at the computer screen thinking ‘what the hell was that person searching’. Above are the KEY TERMS searched in that week and below are a few other examples of the most baffling ones that I’ve come across:
  • sathi lex condom
  • naked nepali
  • nepali kiss
  • rekha thapa sex tape
  • karishma manandhar boobs
  • prabal gurung salary
  • Dalle Khursani
  • gay sex nepali
  • nepali fanny
I bet those people out there who are searching for a quick relief really get mad when they end up on some random Nepali boys blog from London. I would. haha! Well to everyone that end up here somehow… Happy Surfing – Do share my links and More google searches for lexlimbu 😀
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  1. LOL! the same experience ! The most popular article in my blog is titled “भालु, श्यामशरण र हाम्रा नेता” , I am sure you dont need an explanation XD… congrats for the name search 😉

  2. Haha.. so you had the same experience! I think that the ‘Saathi Lex Condom’ takes the biscuit. I’m really curious as to what that person was thinking

  3. It shows u are also a pervet. Unless and until you have used these keywords in google page, this site would not land on on these searches. Lex limbu is a pervet too.

  4. haha atleast you’re getting a variety of visitors lol mine are so random like the titles from way way back which obviously is nice to know that people remember them but i just think why wouldn’t you just type gyan gurung instead of ‘happiness it hurt like a bullet meaning’ lol

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