Manifesting A Dream by Mamita L. Setling

Watch this 12minute long documentary made by Mamita L. Setling (Parbati from NepUNITY’s AJA BHOLI video). Manifesting A Dream focuses on Mastakush (Kush Limbu) from Belgium and his views on what Hip-Hop is. Also in the video is London’s very own Mastermind (Kavir Tamang). Isn’t Mamita’s documentary just amazing? So professional. O and Mastakush is just real. True individual. A lotta things he says in the video are just bang on. 
I hope all the talents shown in the video and those behind the scenes continue to grow. Hopefully we can see more from Mastakush and more awesome documentaries from Mamita L. Setling. 
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Lex Limbu
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  1. Underground hiphop is shit
    and mastakush and mastermind is totalbullshit . manchey aghadi badhna sakeyna bhaney tei thachariyeara bascha. These two people ko definition haha. So they never went mainstream.

  2. Appreciate the effort of mastakush but he really really need to work really really hard to improve his rhyming skill, he is too amatuerish. Document is very well made but the content is too weak… ummm tht is my honest opinion 😛

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