Bryan Adams is Coming to Nepal

We are veryy veryyyy close to 2011 and it is set to be THE year. It has just been confirmed in Nepal that the Everything I do singer Bryan Adams is set to perform in Kathmandu on February 20, 2011. The concert is being organized by JPR events with the support of ODC Network.
The gig will be taking place at the Dashrath Rangashala! So SAY YES to the concert and make the 20th Feb available. 
O Im just wondering how much the tickets will be. 
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Lex Limbu
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  1. bryan adam bhanera vhare sabin rai le background ma ta gaune haina….nepali janta lai the thagne haina…hahahha

  2. guys this is confirmed news from the reliable resource, that he will be performing on 20th feb so let get ready for the day and wait for moment to see him live on stage…be there in front of the stage to make sure he is not sabin rai

  3. a nepalese proverb..hatti ayo hatti ayo fussa!!!hope it don’t happen!and for god’s sake no sabin rai here.there are many people who have voices like bryan adams here.

  4. Hey guys ,The news is confirmed ,bryan adams is actually coming to nepal. JPR Events ( getting them. For more info , you can join their facebook community , follow on twitter or mail them
    You can also watch their official youtube channel,where they would be uploading a small byte from Bryan Adams, where he is confirming the concert in nepal.

  5. i ll miss him too much. kya bore yaar bryan adams aune belama ma europe aunu pareko uffff. tara nepali haru bottle ra dunga le hanera bejat garne haina hai. african haru ko jasto image nabanaunu feri sagarmatha ko siir jhukla careful!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. IT is very good news for all Nepalese. tara Nepali haru le dhunga ra bottle hanera bejjat nai garne bhai.. Its so sad thing about us..

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