Nepali Films in 2011

Batch No 16 – For more details of this action movie click here for its Facebook page.Unlike 2010 where we saw several love stories being released ie. First Love and Kohi Mero, it seems as if action and thriller is on the rise in 2011. However let me remind you, there will be tonnes of Nepali movies being released – much of the typical dhisum dhisum ones where Rekha Thapa is chased by gundas in the hills of Chobhar but this is just a very small compilation of movies that have been produced better in terms of technicality… regarding storyline we shall find out once it hits the theatres across Nepal. 
Enjoy the Batch No 16 trailer – Must PLAY (Releasing Feb 25, 2011)

Letter – is a film by Samten Bhutia and this movie has Uttam Pradhan making a sort of come back to Nepali silverscreen. The trailer hits the spot perfectly, it leaves you wanting more – or atleast wanting to watch the movie. I was very impressed, even previous Nepali movies; those that have been made well have kinda failed to deliver in trailers but Letter similarly to Batch No 16 builds the pace up quickly yet leaving the audience wanting more. I likes! Hope you likes too.

Swor – has many familiar faces of the Nepali showbiz scene. Raj Ballav Koirala plays an integral part of this movie which is based on music. That is probably one of its good points. Hear the musical teaser out for Superstar, this movie is fresh, seems youthful and is ready to be watched on January 28th, 2011.

Aside from these three movies, there will be MERO LOVE STORY and KE YO MAYA HO by Sudarshan Thapa. Prachanda Shrestha should also be finishing writing his script for the much anticipated Purple Days which is starring Namrata Shrestha. Namrata will also be seen alongside Varun Sjb Rana in MISS U and she has started work on her next movie which is untitled at the moment. My very own Jharana Bajracharya will no longer be doing commercial movies. 
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  1. the first movie has good smouch its kinda of interesting to see a lot of these movies coming up. defiantly the picture quality has improved like 1000%. the budget they have, been used wisely. the different genres are coming up hope the actors can give the real story in and out. hope for the best 2011.

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