Jharana’s NEW VIDEO!

This is the video of Jharana Bajracharya and Subash Thapa. The song is called Malai Aananda and I had done a feature on it previously, this vocal is by Swaroop Raj Acharya and Anju Pant. The album Ekantama by KB Gurung is out in the market. Gurung who resides in the UK has penned down all the lyrics for the seven-track long album with the help of Sambhujit Baskota. A diverse range of musicians from Mausami Gurung, Raju Lama to Jagdish Samal have sung for the album. To Download – the Malai Aananda then the CRBT code is 0130022092, PRBT 60417762.
Doesnt Jharana Bajracharya and Subash Thapa sizzle next to each other? I think they make a HATT couple. Regarding Help Kumar Kancha, I shall have a post up soon. The money has been transferred and everything. Hold on tight! 
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