PartyNepal to go Outdoors?

The most popular Nepali event management company PartyNepal is all set to go outdoors. Judging by the recently published site it looks like PN are also cashing in on the Nepal Tourism Year hoo haa, and boy is it a good thing! What else is better then relaxing in a resort with activities during the day and entertainment in the night and you wouldnt have to worry about the smog of Kathmandu or the midnight curfew. Give us more information PartyNepal! Im ready to ‘Request a Call Back’. Where are the resorts? I want Chitwan, Pokhara, The Last Resort, Kurintar, Godawari and …oopsie brain just froze ha!
So EXCITED for Nepal! 

Update: To be launched on Feb 12th said by Shree Gurung (Director of PN) 
Lex Limbu
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