Whats the deal with Casinos in Nepal?

There are more than 8 casinos in Nepal; most of them located in 5’star hotels in Kathmandu and two in Pokhara’s Hotel Grande and Fulbari Resort and Spa. However the thing is Nepali nationals are actually not allowed to enter the casino premises. Nonetheless, in a truly Nepali style you are guaranteed to spot Nepalese citizens gambling away in such venues. The Government has gone on a major crackdown spree in recent weeks to stop Nepalis from gambling. Now the question you might be asking is, in a democractic country why shouldnt we have the right to gamble? – The reason is due to extreme cases of gambling where people have sold their houses, put family at stake and incidents of extortion cases. I still feel that some people ruining the fun for others is not a strong enough reason however if thats the law then I guess we must abide it. 
The casinos in Nepal have also been very naughty 😉 since a majority of them owe millions in tax revenue to the Govnt and some of them have also been given an ultimatum. Shutting the casinos would be a disadvantage to the growing tourism sector since majority of Indian tourists spend an ample amount of time in casinos. What do you think should be done to casinos in Nepal? Make it more strict, legalize it for Nepali nationals or… 
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  1. It should be legalized completely .I don’t even understand why this is even a issue here,in a free country one should have every right to gamble.However government needs to make sure they get their tax revenue..I love to see dance,get free drinks eat free buffet and won’t mind loosing my money for some fun, yeah it’s my money I do whatever I wanna do with it.So legalize it to all nepali with proper management.

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