Photos from Student Night!

I dont think I’ve ever seen so many sizzling girls and boys in school uniform before. It was the 28th January when things fired up in Club Fire at Student Night party organized by TopEvent UK. Unlike previous events which boasted of this and that many dancefloors, Student Night was fairly low key with only one floor and minimal promotion. However, the party animals turned up in groups and made it a night to remember. Check out some more pictures below!

Sizzling Students

Pretty Girls have Hot Friends?
Smile Wider Frend.
Lex with Monica Limbu and Sheila Shraddha Limbu  (Miss UK Nepals)
Laxcha Bantawa interviewing Sexy Shishi
The Talented Trio and Lex
Good boys and Naughty Girls
Buff Things haha!
lexlimbu, Laxcha of NepUnity and Nawal of Parcha Productions
The Boys of Tommorow
Nattu interrupting the interview
The TopEvent Crew, Mastermind and Nawal Rai of Parcha Prod
The Naughtiest School Girl
Its Lex Bitch!
Dancing Duo

For the full picture album click here – RIGHT TIME RIGHT PLACE

Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. auta question hai lexi bro. or sis?(k bhanne)

    kin timro style(chal dhal) sab stri ko jastai,timi ta purush ho ni yaar,ali purush jasto byabahar gareko po suhaunchha yaar! dhat!!

  2. omg people why do you even bother to visit his page and leave a comment if ya got any problem with !! its Nepalese habit to bring down anyone whos doing good !!

  3. Lex is doing a good job… He is really very creative n talented. I don’t know him personally but I like to wish him a gud luck in future….

  4. i dont think he is doing a great job or can say is talented,what i think is… he just want to be popular among nepalese.Publishing such a non-sense,meaningless photos what is he trying to prove?everytime i visit this site to get useful information such as tech.,education,travel info.,music info.,inspiring stories,biography,health tips,news about nepal etc. but in vain always have to face up vulgarity,c’mon Lexi wake up, do something improvement if u want to earn popularity!!

  5. omg!!!!!!!!!
    k bhako yo nepalko manche heru????
    kosaile ramro gareko dekhnu na sakne

    … haters…
    personally i think lex is a very talented guy trying to showcase neplaese people and their culture to the world…..
    if u dont like him den y visit his page time n again???
    u go lex !!!

    keep up d good work..

  6. Looks like the 3rd gen culture is all mixed up…really u can’t differentiate between the boys and the gurls….xcept for their attire…otherwise we Caucasian’s look the same….dress up the boys and in skirts and u won’t know the diff..Oh! gawd what is dis world coming 2…Save us and Save our grace..

  7. u people need to calm down….seriously
    he just a messenger bringing news to us nepali youths….
    plz, guys keep ur neagtive attitudes to urself…
    btw, ur doing a good job lex, keep it up the good work…

  8. yo lex….u got criticisms,, but take them as compliments cos it only means you are doing good. Keep it up!!!

  9. faggot…. ali ramro photo ta khice hunthyo.lastai gatiya photo…. not at all impressive….ur photos r full of craps

  10. I wish to get hold of all those hot-posing girls in their hot dresses so that I will give them the fucking which they will always remember and then keep asking me for the same later on no matter what. For the matter of fact, they are the ones who should be fucked like whores.

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