11 Days till Bryan Adams Concert

Only 11 days till the 19th of February! Thats the Sunday when international singing sensation Bryan Adams will perform in Dashrath Rangashala! Tickets are on sale and according to this article apparently they’re selling like hawwwtt cakes. Too bad they’re not sold out yet. The prices are Rs 2000, Rs 3000 and Rs 6000 (Silver/Gold/Platinum)… Dont you guys think the tickets should’ve been cheaper, come on we’re talking about Nepal here. I know there’s a lot of rich people in Kathmandu but everyone listens to Bryan dai. Jeez! I swear my Kanye West ticket’s were cheaper, FACT. For those of you who already have your special tickets printed especially in India, check out the layout of the arena! Enjoy the view and fill me in with your thoughts below.

I forgot to add, 1974 AD, Namaste Band and Mongolian Hearts will also be playing live…separately.

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  1. u r a partyanimal
    shudn’t b pickin up on music…

    Kanye and Bryan … Fuck
    have u least knowledge about MUZIK

  2. sarai mahango vayo vanya…. janai sakiyena…. eklai jau kasari jau, sathi haru chai najane rey !!!! sarai dubidha ma….. 2000 le ta ke ke huncha hau…..

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