Christians and Kiratis collide with Hindus

Dont worry Nepal will not be going through a mini-crusade but the collision is due to the struggle that Christians and Kiratis are facing to find burial rights as the Govnt has failed to designate an area in which they can bury their dead. Shleshmantak Forest just on the outer edges of Pashupatinath was where Christians and Kiratis buried their dead, however the Pashupati Area Development Trust (PADT) are on a revamp spree which also includes the forest making it out of bounds for any further burials. Our PM, I dont know which one; also spoke out against this since news of a Kirati man being denied a burial spot made headlines recently. Now we dont want another ‘let Christians have their own state’ debate now do we? We’ve had enough with the Limbuwan, Tamuwan, Khumbuwan and the rest ‘wans’. These wans are just like beauty pageants, theres too many to rememnber. Hoping for a quick solution to this – obviously Nepali timing ta bhaye halcha. 
PS. where would you like to get buried? I always thought it would be nice to open a burial site as a business, acquire few ropanis of land, designate burial spots, provide security (euta thulo bhitta) and make it look pretty from the outside and charge the people a one-off fee. Sounds good right? Well if you ever use my business plan please give me a discount when my body heads your way.
Lex Limbu
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  1. They need a commercially planned site for it. Just to riot and shout Pashupatinath’s area is trying to bully Hindus and create non-violence. No everyone in west gets buried too… they need to pay for their own burial to the state, if not they follow the same burning ritual.

  2. After I die i want to be burned. I think cremation process in pasupatinath is almost free (pay for the pandit and the wood.)I think govt could organizte the cremation process and charge a little money and same with burial. Just so that its fair for everyone. Nepal is not a Hindu kingdom anymore and everyone should have their rights to the choice of funeral.

  3. Personally, I rather be buried. It has nothing to do with the fact that being a Kirati comes first than my religion. & I haven’t thought of where I should be laid to rest. All I know is it should be where my family is. I have had 3 deaths in my family. 2 of them were buried & the other, cremated. I don’t know how much of ”being a kirati” versus ”being a hindu” played their parts but you have got me thinking so I’ll ask my mother on how those decisions were made.

  4. Ahh ! why every one blaming hindus and y evry1 tryn 2 mislead the things the pashupati people didn allow kiratis nd christians to bury bodies coz the the site is just for the special people only i.e the shadus and santas

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