FREE for Bryan Adams?

 Tommorow the much anticipated Bryan Adams concert will take place in Kathmandu when the singer hits the stage at 7PM, now Nepali Timing chai garne hoina ni! Having said that this is organized by an Indian event management company so Indian timing is probably a lot worse. Nepals biggest names 1974 AD, Mongolian Hearts, Abhaya and the Steam Injuns and Namaste band will be opening the concert up but the rumour going around is apparently the Nepali bands are performing for free! Now I could understand if it was some small names but 1974 AD! Mongolian Hearts! Is there a need to perform for free?… such reputed big names of Nepal. 
 Malvika Subba will be hosting the event and I wonder if she’s doing this for ‘Free’ too. I remember reading an answer from Malvika where she asked models to maintain their prices and only increase it or else it will jeopardise other upcoming models rate; maybe the Nepali bands should have noted a few things from Miss Subba. 

UPDATE: Abhaya Subba of the Abhaya and the Steam Injuns clarified through Facebook by stating the claim as being UNTRUE (18/02/2011).

Lex Limbu
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