Party! Movie! Concert! In NEW YORK CITY!!!

Do you remember the post about Pattaunai Parcha happening in New York! Well that party seems to have been very short-lived with various things not going accordingly. However, those guys are back to give you New Yorkers the fun that they guaranteed TONIGHT. The only message this time is pleaseee ”ID Lyaunaii PARCHA” So celebrate the weekend at Chian Federation and also dance with the very Sexy Nepal-LEE (watch the video below)
– Check out the new event page!

 Recently established website will be screening the much talked about movie Dasdhunga on the 25th February next week at Chian Federation. I’ve blogged numerous times about this movie and if you dont know about it then just go watch it… its only few dollars. Click here for the event page!

Now if I was in New York I would deffo attend this. Astha Tamang-Maskey will be coming all the way from Canada to perform on the 11th March at Queens Palace, New York. The event titled Beauty and The Saints is also being organized by and will also have Diwas Gurung of Ayurveda followed by DJ Insomnia. Yesma pani ID Lyaunaii parcha ra tickets chai matra $20 dollar. Attending thichidinu hola hai 😉
Lex Limbu
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