Hosting The Glamour Nite

Co-host Sarala Thapa and Me. With my friends.

The Glamour Nite took place on the 26th at Hawkinge Community Centre; as expected there were only a handful of people. Around 50+ I would say and it had a typical Nepali start running over an hour late. Nonetheless, it was not as bad as the Nepali Live Band Competition which started at 5.45PM when it had said 12PM on the flyer. The organisation team for the Glamour Nite was a lot smaller. The Miss UK Nepal girls gave their best and my co-host Sarala Thapa and myself tried our hardest to entertain the audience. From making jokes about the party culture of the UK to imitating some of the Miss UK Nepal girls; I felt as if we had a great on-stage presence. Being my first ever event this was a good learning experience and I can say watch out for Sarala-Lex duo. You guys will see more of us 😉 
PS. the belly dance by Sabrina Shrestha and Pratikcha Burathoki was the highlight of the nite…
PS 2#. I also imitated the belly dance which wasnt that bad 😉
Tina Pun, Teju Gurung, Pramila Gurung, Tabi Limbu.
Miss UK Nepal 2010 – Nabina Gurung
Sital Pun
Lex Limbu
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