American Woman’s 3 MONTHS in Nepal

The caucasian woman in the picture above is Candice Warltier who went to Nepal to adopt a baby believing the process would onlytake her three weeks, however due to the abrupt change of adoption policy which resulted to Americans not being able to adopt Nepali babies Candice’s three weeks turned into three months. Now I dont blame the American authorities for changing the rules since Nepal Government itself needs to ‘brush up’ on the adoption laws, yet the most interesting part of this video is how this woman, Candice talks as if her three months in Nepal was some sort of an ugly experience which was just way out of this world. Does she not realise she’s not having to go through the 9 MONTHS of agony. 
Let me break the video down:
1:18 – Pleaseee beetches I am sure you werent made to stay in little huts. If you did then I doubt you’ll be providing a bright future for the child. 
1:38 – O dear… what do you expect. Even in Western countries Pizza delivery arrives faster than 999/911. You can find taxi’s everywhere, was Candice that stingy for few hundred rupees? Also, its common to see little pharmacies in each chowks – do I have to make a post of all the hospitals in Kathmandu and surroundings areas soon?
2:50 – Apparently it was an ”extreme rollercoaster”, I wonder how she would describe 9 months with a baby in her tummy.
4:18 – this line just ticked me off completely ”we had a few toys there, that we could find in Nepal and they were very poor quality”…Someone take her to Bhat-Bhateni ko third floor please! CityCentre Mall ETC.

I believe her facial expressions and the way she described the whole situation was what annoyed me the most, she speaks as if she just returned from hell without realising how she cut the 9 month long baby process to only 3 months… I would love to interview her after 18 years and ask her how it was to raise her Nepali child. Aside from that, I am very grateful that such a person came to Nepal and gave one out of many babies an opportunity… but pleaseee – down with the exageration. 

Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Very Well Said Lex. I agree wid all the points that u pointed out, esp about the toy’s comment. Haha. You are so right. Obviously, the woman hasn’t been to Kingsway or City Centre or the biggest mall in Ktm, the Civil Mall. I really dislike ppl wid a lot of unnecessary exaggeration. -_-” I really hope that the future of that child will be bright…

  2. is this talk show really about adopting a girl or is it just some shit talking about how poor our country is???

  3. She’s invited to talk on Sarah Osbourne’s chat show? loll what do you expect? HAHAHA
    I fear for the baby now, highly doubt this woman would be a good parent if she goes on blabbing about her ‘so-called’ adoption nightmare. Sad thing that adoption has almost become so commercialised that the best interests of the baby is not put forward and women like these are allowed to mother these young lives.

  4. totally gutted ,,, its true that she didnt know Nepal, which is 70% of world dont know. Its a whole damn beautiful country “my heaven”.Let me the tell world of humans ,,, Country can not be third world country ,cannot be poor ,but instead bless of god. Only the conservative minded ,stupid rich , illiterate people thinks that way. its the people who can be poor,stupid, badass, Not COUNTRY.heloo ,, i m goona kick everyone … hehehe.
    its unfurtunate that she didnt see the best side of nepal ,,,
    Its a wake up call for nepalese people…. hmm do smthing great.
    i wish that baby all the best for her bright future and hope to visit Nepal for good cause someday sometime somewhere solong good bye. peace .

  5. Bro, I hope the girl has a bright future, I worry about how she is gonna raise her when she was worried about not having many toys which sound so absurd. we have enuff toys( we live next to china people everything is made there) and think about people/lil kids who dont have food to eat rather than not having alotta toys.

    May Lord Pashupatinath give her some brain, and ability to use it.

  6. yerr bt try to see it from her side too! It is certainly not upto her standard. The toys as you know they have EU and all that and the living. although i get the fact that you cant expect much out of such poor country.

    She was new to that place and obviously she couldnt speak nepalese to ask people where she could find a high quality toys your 3rd floor of ktm somthing! Yeah i also get that people can speak english too but maybe she was too caught up in the adoption process and papers that she didnt get to buying the quality toys! hmmm??

    9 months of agony? seriously lex? the agony doesnt last all 9 months (your exxagerating here!) Most women say they love to be pregnant because it IS one of the best feeling to have a baby inside of you kickin!! and that feeling of achievement when you get the baby is one-off!

    Bless that child and i love you lex but that is just too much

  7. I hope the baby’s future is good. The lady I guess doesn’t know much about Nepal and interprets the chaos she sees in Kathmandu as the situation in the whole country. I guess it is not her fault but staying three months in Nepal I m sure she must have seen the big malls in kathmandu. I guess she never bothered to go to one of those. Adopting baby is one’s choice. She chose to be a mother by adopting good for her.
    The lady could not find the facilities she found in the US fair one but she presented herself as if she had come from a battlefield which is funny and sad.Nepal is a poor country and there are many difficulties but is not as bad as she potrayed. About pregnancy I leave the ladies to be the judge.

  8. What nonsense! She is clearly a whiner OMG really shit attitude and no respect to other people whatsoever. She has made me angry now !! I hope one day she realizes what she has said was completely blown out of proportion.. she demeans Nepal as if she it were a living hell just coz she didn’t find any Toys

  9. thanks Lex for the wonderful source….its great to read some fresh stories about Nepal, even though i wish she could have appreciate much about Nepal…i posted in my facebook status….i have been checking your blog, its really interesting..

  10. hahaha I am trying hard not to laugh because she is trying to potray Nepal like Africa ?lol My God aren’t most of the toys around the world are supplied by China including USA?Poor quality??? hmm of all the things you could find,you could think of a small battery and hmm close your mouth while taking shower? so nothing much bad to say I guess and 3 months?Are you ordering in fast food restaurant to be quick?Eventhough you adopted her,you should tell the baby about Nepal one day( about her birth place which she will search for in future 1 day) and I wonder if she will have nice story to tell her.I bet she will say” I took you out of slum”,with that attitude hmmm I doubt she will be a great mother.Our world maybe third world according to the 1st world but your action and thought you conveyed is third rated attitute.If you are adopting her for your sake then don;t act like you are doing us a favor,you are taking her for your selfish need in someway.Yes she may have better life but money doesn;t gurantee everything.
    Explore everything about Nepal first.

  11. This woman is too dramatic…all about getting herself in the limelight!!! She should get herself educated about the world…she’s a LITERATE FOOL!!!

  12. i don’t like the fact the whole video is made i don’t like the fact how our country is shown like a shit hole.Every time people from the western society goes there they show slums of our country, children who are half naked running around and stuff like that but to be fair its our government’s fault for being corrupted. we don’t just have huts and slumps in Nepal we have cultures we also have modern technology but they don’t show that because they call Nepal a third world country. what if we decided to go to america and take pictures of some red neck and hillbilly kids running around naked eating dogs and inbreeding together and showing the world how fucking retarded and fucking self fish people they really are but to be fair not everyone are like that most of the people in this world are assholes any way. if anyone has to say anything just reply safe

  13. is this show talking about adaption or judging countries?
    if she is compaing too much then she should have done some research before going to nepal.B*tch,she should have tried 100 indtead of 911.
    we know the condition of our country,and she dosent have to remind us.
    you should have gone to 5* hotels instead of paying low and living in apartmament.
    few toys? low quality? haha you kidding me rite?? you get what you pay????isinit?
    cant you ask people in nepal where to buy high quality toys?? almost every nepali understand english.!!!
    maybe she havent gone to nepal at all, throughout the whole video she havent said any positive things about nepal.
    F*uck her, kukurni tesko Mukh sukh chatidinchu

  14. Well, it sounds more like she’s bragging about the inconveniences she had to overcome on the way to adoption. I thought the talk would be focused more on the adopted child and adoption.

  15. To be honest the way she speaks about the situation makes it sound like she had no knowledge of Nepal what so ever which is very ignorant of her therefore she had those problems. I don’t know maybe she could of done a little bit of research? Not that hard lady! Google 😀

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