Battle Nutz Crew WINS 2nd B-Boying Battle!

12 Year Old Akash Rai who got the title of ‘BEST B-BOY’ – Representing The Urge
Kathmandu’s Batte Nutz Crew won the trophy and the winning sum of Nrs 8000 at the 2nd B-Boying battle that took place in Dharan just few days ago. Following closely was rupper up The Urge who took away the cash prize of Nrs 4000. If you go through the photo album and the video you will see that these dancers are really young – now thats a great thing! They’re learning at the right age and this event would not have taken place without Da Pace Union. Badhaii to them, hope they do more events such as this… for the betterment of the youth of today. Is betterment even a word? Oh well. Enjoy the video below.

Battle Nutz Crew are the one in black!

Lex Limbu
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  1. B-boying competition in Bhaktapur on 28 september 2013

    Form fee = Rs. 1500

    1st prize = Rs. 25000

    2nd prize = Rs. 15000

    Pariticipants are welcome from all Nepal.

    contact details:
    Manju Shrestha : 9801008209
    Naren Maharjan : 9841009732

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