The Fabulous Return of Alena Gurung!

She might not be so fresh on your minds anymore but Alena Gurung who once took Pokhara and pretty much Kathmandu by storm is back in the Nepali circuit. Alena is the face of Fabulous Entertainment and Kytes Entertainment’s New Year Fashion Night party that will take place on the 9th of April. Party ko info ta aiii halcha bistari but to those who arent aware of Miss Gurung then heres the lowdown. 
This is art right?
She went to Nepal back in ’05ish, appeared in few Pokhreli websites as a model, later on hit Nepal’s biggest weekly; SAPTAHIK = Instant Fame. She also became the brand ambassador for a computer brand and so on… but after returning to the UK Alena had kept a fairly low profile aside from appearing in the Sara Jiwan video directed by Sachin Shrestha (a good couple of years ago). She’s said that this will be her first Nepali party, so my message to all the Nepali animals, lets show her how we do it. In Ishhhtyle!
Ooooft!!! I can imagine a old bajaii pouring water on her body in a ‘lahata’
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. There are lots of girls in nepal whose pic get published in shapatik. that doesn’t mean model or famous lol. she looks more like prostitute than model. what heck is those pics. is it trying to show her tits.

  2. She looks like a prostitude? Haha, you got to be kidding me? Have you ever seen other nepalese model, they are worse than her. At least she has her friggen clothes on!
    And why you guys (NEPALESE), perverts always like to focus on tities!

  3. ProstituDe? wtf is that? worst than her? u must be kidding then! perverts? fuck u bitch, look at those boobs, they are like open page, anyone with eyes can see and read. so stay away!

  4. I am really disappointed with the current situation, the way we try to pull down every 1 who are trying to do their thing. Too many bitchiness and bitterness, such as the comments above and from other bloger like Miss guffadi. To me it seems instead of supporting nepali le nepali lai we just point every bad point without knowing the facts.

  5. Mind your words. Don’t you have any efficient. No matter of your age, you seem to be really amateur. And this person is right. Why the hell are we just pulling our own ethnic to the canal?! Same flesh and blood. Damn are you guys even people?!

  6. High-post attitudes, real rude with fat asses
    Think that the pussy is made out of gold
    Try to control you by slidin’ up and down on the wood
    They be givin’ up sex for goods

  7. What are the problems here?? Why are you guys calling her prostitute and other bad names?? You guys are so low classed.. Did your parents not teach you how to respect other people?? She is one nice girl with amazing personality.. It’s her personal choice what she wears and what poses she do?? If you guys who are dissing her know a good pose, why don’t you be a model and show her how to do it?!?! Otherwise say it on her face… Why are you being so coward??? THUKKA MULAA… Timiharu jasto kukurlai jati samjhaye ni hunna.. Oostai goo khane haru ta paryo!! Timiharu ko naam pani halna daraucha kukur..

    Alena keep it up, babe.. Ur good frens are always supporting your path and showing you the right path when you chose wrong..

    Love Love.. xoxo

  8. The way she models is obviously to expose off some sort of sexuality or sexual attraction to sell her image. Men, a big part of consumer in this, saying her boobs are nice don’t have to mean in offensive manner. She’s got nice boobs but I’d still eat McDonald’s first so that I can use the paper bag to cover her face. Joking. She aint pretty but I guess that’s why she emphasises on her figure exposure more. Overall, not really impressive after reading an article about her on the internet in regards to her living or trying to be “Paris Hilton”. She’s definitely not worth the model type. Ha ha.

  9. Slight problems with Nepali indsutries are that they recruit any random people or any random people with “zabardast model hune”
    attitude. This has resulted into vast numbers of low quality grade models etc. Alena Grg is an example.

  10. Oh Come On Guys.. No one is perfect.. But I support her work.. If she wants to pose like that, it’s up to her.. If you got problem, don’ waste your precious time here commenting on how she is posing and she is posing like that coz she aint got no pretty face.. FYKI… She was not trained by nepali industries.. She did her beauty pageant in UK.. Sooo do better research before you bust your achiii mukh ere…

    BEAUTY HOLDS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER.. You guys are just jealous that you aint her or you aint got a girl like her.. Sooo shoooo shooo.. You are unwanted..


  11. i’ve seen her once face to face in a wedding n that was really a long time ago. she looks a bit changed but still pretty amazing. she was luking simply stunning in that white sari. damn!
    don’t worry even justin bieber has loads of haters but still i like his hard work. critics should comment on someone’s work with ethics n within the lines unlike some filthy dudes out here.
    i did read that article published in SAPTAHIK in 2005 n found out how u wanna become an actress one day. all the best for that hope u’ll achieve ur dream.
    Jai Nepal

  12. she is hot, no doubt…if you have got it then simple pose will show you out..point is jabarjasti titties nai dkhaunu pardena..this girl can look amazing with full clothes on..tei ho khutta fyaa naparnu fotos khichda vannu khojeko..saptahik ko sasta model jhai nahunu..suvakamana..

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