Hey Bhaguwan!

Oh dear…Check out the new Saptahik girl; Tina Thapa, this weekly which is most known for promoting sex and sleaze never fails to entertain. K ho k ho, is the photographer lacking creativity or what? What the hell is with that pose on the top left, with the halka bend-over while I rub my butt pose. Atttiii seushiii.
This picture just makes me sad, however greatly captured by Keshav Thokar. These are students, who look wayy younger than Justin Bieber… they are protesting after a truck ran over a fellow student from their school. Now, it would be nice if the teachers and parents protested but I guess its all up to the Naya Nepal lot to do it these days. Pen ra paper bokne haat akash lai takdai uthauda kasto naramailo lagne.
ThankGodItsFriday. Enjoy the weekend everyone. Spread lots of love.
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  1. tyo saptahik wali kt le k socheko theo hola tyo pic lida.. teslai alikati pani saram vayena ufff .. sexy banne vanera PORN icon po vayecha!! thuia vanera k vanne tyo kt le padcha ki padddaina yo lol

  2. hhaha this pic made my day.She looks like she is constipated and trying to say with her picture as they say,picture can speak thousand words and the words here would be ” Can i try this pose inorder for my stool to get in motion?” or she is asking for rectal examination? classic pic hahahah


  3. sana nani haru afno desh afai banau bhaner lagyahola ni ! yo suruwat hola …. abo kk huncha herna baki nai cha !!

  4. omg theyo mathi ko “model”?? eww aajkal ko kt haru they think jus because they were short luga or reveling cloths they think they are a model ali layak ta huna parcha ni..
    i would be embarrassed to see myself like that… just ewwww

  5. lol at the model’s picture!!..
    and bless the children…shows how the state of Nepal is going down day by day.when i saw all the article above it was like wow Nepal have new develop faces but then scroll down we get to see this parts is proper sad..

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