Paragliding in Kathmandu

Paragliding in Kathmandu is set to take-off once again, KTM Paragliding which initially started its operations few years ago had come to a stop after it was the reason for flight delays in Tribhuvan International Airport due to paragliders flying in the way of aircrafts landing. How scary is that, you’re gently paragliding and next you see a Thai Airways Boeing coming straight at you. LOL. With a change of flight path, they are back in operations. Chapakharka in Godavari is the new take-off and landing spot and with the venue being located 2100m high, this is the highest paragliding spot; higher than Sarangkot in Pokhara.
Priced at Rs. 3500 for a Nepali and Rs. 7000 for a foreigner for a 30-minute flight, it can ascend upto 4000m. In similar paragliding news, a new paragliding company Phoenix Paragliding and Paramotoring Adventures will be launched in Pokhara in a few months time.
Increasing Visitors!
The month of February saw a 12% increase in tourist arrivals by air (37,584). The arrivals from Jan and Feb totals to more than 70,000 arrivals which is 10% of the 700,000 tourist arrivals by air target for Nepal Tourism Year 2011. Great going, hope it just continues continues continues.

Lastly – Happy Maha Shivaratri…Bhaang Dhaturo Paturoo tanne din ajaiii ho. 

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