Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka to Dance in KATHMANDU?

Now we have all seen the on-screen fire that the Bollywood hero Shahrukh Khan and the hotty Priyanka Chopra can create. Judging by the sizzling song ‘Rocking and Reeling’, this duo are sure the firecracker! If the word on the streets is to be believed then Priyanka Chopra will be making a return to Nepal after…a very long time and Shahrukh Khan will head over to Kathmandu for a Nepali New Year program where they will dance alongside Kollywood maha-nayak Rajesh Hamal. One can only imagine the commotion that will follow if this event is to take place. More than 80% of Nepal will rejoice whilst bloggers will go off their fingers writing about how SRK will benefit or disadvantage the economy/tourism of Nepal and maybe even religion. O’ and there may even be, WE HATE BOLLYWOOD campaigners.
About the anti-Bollywood movement which takes place in Nepal every few years… seriously guys just cut it out. B’wood is blamed for the lack of interest in Nepali movies tara herana, hamro Nepali darshak harunaii sarrooo aftyaro bhaii halnu bhayeko cha. Ajkal ta Hindi pani haina, Koreanma matra akha janchan. Tei mathi, Bollywood lai hateee gardaii kaile kaii toddfodd dekhincha tara we must realise that there are die-hard B’wood fans in Nepal. Just look at the success of Hindi movies in Nepal! 
END OF. I do hope this #word on the streets is true. But Priyanka you might have to change the Desi Girl track to Nepali Girl 😉
UPDATE: 11/03/11 – A video has surfaced…now waiting on word from Priyanka’s side…looks like it might be golf and not dance 😉 
UPDATE: 23/03/22 – Samden Sherpa of JPR Events have confirmed that Shah Rukh Khan and his team will arrive in Nepal in May as part of their TEMPTATIONS RELOADED Tour. The even which has been agreed upon has yet to recieve a date, however the date will be finalised within the next seven days.

Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. It wud’ve been more exciting if Katrina/John/Bipasha/Salman was coming!!!! I don’t hate PC and SRK but i dont luv them either! D=

  2. Indians movies tell us that Indians are the biggest lier in the world.
    The truth is there are less than 50 movies which are watchable.It is such a disgrace that Nepal has die hard B’wood fans. This is the very reason that Nepali artists rarely turn in to pro.
    Hindi movies are ultimate waste of time of your life and whoever watch those movies are traitors they should go and live in India.

  3. dhoti bhanda racist bhayo re……sadhai tv ma jata tatei nepali ko billa hanne chote log bhanne chahi k hola………….

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