Batch No 16 Premiere Photos

Sahana Bajracharya and Nisha Adhikari sizzle in red!
Batch No 16 heroine Ruby Bhattarai  
Batch No 16 Actress Sushma Karki with actress Karishma Manandhar

The HEOES, Anup Baral and Suman Singh.
The movie has opened up to mixed reviews, once again the technical aspects and cinematography has been hugely applauded but many still feel that the script has been weak. Ah well, as long as its better then the ”HEY HEY HEY”, ”DHICHEWWW”, ”AMA!!!!” type of movies.
Pictures courtesy of – Saroj Regmi. For once a premiere of a Nepali movie actually looks quite lavish. This took place at the new QFX Cinema in Civil Mall. The men and women look classy… although Suman Singh looks a bit rough. He mustve had quite a ‘good night’ the day before.
Lex Limbu
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  1. hareh sibhoo tyo susma karki leh k lako tauko ma..dress chai ali thik cha..but the hair is over the top man…¬¬

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