Celebrities and their Holi

Sahana Bajracharya and Friend Prepares for the HOLI’ WAR
Actresses – Sushma Karki. Nandita KC. Rekha Thapa
Sahana Bajracharya on the far left with friends
Prasan Syangden. Namrata Shrestha with friends.
Karishma Manandhar with husband Binod and daughter.
 Nepali shyalabbrities celebrated Holi in isshhtyle. Karishma Manandhar threw a Holi party at their Godawari residence which saw the likes of Rekha Thapa, Nandita KC, Deepak Raj Giri and many other from the film fraternity showing up whilst Kantipur FM and various other TV Networks hosted their own Holi get-together. Seen celebrating with close friends above is Miss Nepal first runner-up Sahana Bajracharya.
How was everyones Holi? Heard security was tight in Kathmandu.
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