Namrata Shrestha and Raj Ballav Interview!

This surely is a rarity since we hardly see Namrata Shrestha doing interviews. But, the actress alongside with Raj Ballav Koirala appeared on ABC TV’s talkshow – Limelight. Both of them are quizzed about their education life, their struggles, their rise and so and so. Namrata states that she was not satisfied with herself seeing Sano Sansar. Also admits that she was 65 kilograms during the time she gave her SLC.
LOL at Raj Ballav saying ‘paila 6-pac thiyo, aile harayo’  
The interviewer asks Namrata regarding a low point in her life (probably refering to the home-video leak), Namrata’s answer is very clever and motivating. 
OMG the part where the old man is asked by the host ”Raj Ballav jee ra Namrata lai chinnu huncha?” and the man goes ”Chindina, Chindina” – haha, Namrata seems to find it genuinely funny which is good. Seems like a great show – do watch it to find more about these two personalities.
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  1. Omg I can’t believe wat she said… I went to same skull as her… She was neve fat…or say overweight… Howeve she was always good at acting since those days….she was called Alice at skool cOz of her performance in Alice in wonderland…. M proud of my girl 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this.
    off topic observation- Many beauty queens (Malvika, Purnima, Namrata) seem to have gone to Gyanodaya- an inspirational school established under the most poignant of circumstances by the formidable yet most respectable Mrs. Indira Yakthumba.

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