Four-Year Olds Get MARRIED!!

This is what happens in real Nepal, away from the glitz and glam of Kathmandu people are still very unconnected and very very traditional in their thoughts. Sad.
”Four-year-old Mukesh Mallik, of Bara got married to Punam Mallik (4), at Dombasti, Chandranigahapur of Rautahat district on Sunday.
When Mukesh reached Punam’s house with the wedding procession, the bride was sleeping on her mother’s lap. She was least aware of what was happening to her. Neither did Mukesh have any idea it was his wedding.”
Local social worker Ramlal Das said that dozens of non-governmental organisations working against child marriage had failed to control the practice. “The government too has done little or nothing to stop the child marriage,” added Das. 
Lex Limbu
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  1. i dnt think it is sad. we have been too westernized to think it in that sense. it is the way of living and culture that we had or have that we are forgetting. dont get me wrong, i wouldnt do it myself but it is what our ancestors practiced and we should respect it rather than make an issue out of it.

    after all if the marriage doesn’t work, they can still get a divorce even in Nepal..

  2. Just because its culture or tradition does not mean its always right, as time evolves so should we and introduce something new to our culture too, Incest was alright ages ago in different cultures doesn’t mean its right..and we have to respect it. They are children and have no sense of right or wrong….so it has to be stopped.

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