MOMO Song by Momo Dumpling and Nattu

Check out this 40 second preview of the MOMO song by a popular non-Nepali rapper in the Nepali community; MOMO DUMPLING. He has collaborated with the funny but lovely voiced Nattu. Obviously she doesn’t need an introduction. Momo Dumpling has performed in countless Nepalese parties so far and has rapidly built a good rapport with fellow Nepalese artists including the NepHopUK boys, Bhunatic and Mastermind. 
Momo Dumpling at Ministry of Sound
Had an exclusive listen to the full song and I was like. L.O.L. Nattu’s vocals are top-notch and the rap by Momo is the best I’ve heard so far but the lyrics are so true yet so funny. The song will give you the giggles; in a good way! Cant wait to see the video. 
How about having Nattu dressed up as a momo whilst Momo Dumpling tries to pour ‘achar’ over her? Saucily Sexy RIGHT?
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. lol That is such a stupid way to promote MOMO..
    Come on..LAME.
    It would be Better to Publish Great Pictures Of Tempting Hot MOMOs in a collection leaflet or smth and distribute it in several stops like the way Dominos and Pizze Hot and other Fastfood commericals.
    Foreigners might mistake MOMO to mean Love in other cultures after listening to this.
    Imagine I MOMO would that sound.hahahahahaha

  2. k ho git chai momo ko gaidine ani foto chai momocha ko rakhdine.yo ta alik HAJAM vayena ni.

    ani btw tyo dekhako achar vanda tamatar,nun, khorsani
    ko achar sanga ladauda dammi huncha.

  3. @gunda….ryte tyo chahi ktm style achar ho with timmur and til and all….normally hamile pani ghar ma banaune achar is quite simple with tomatoes. akabare khorsani, lasun and salt to taste…….

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