Demi Moore Is In NEPAL

Demi Moore with singer Rajesh Payal Rai in Bhairawa

Now I thought this was a rumour but it turned out to be true. Actress Demi Moore is was in NEPAL! She left today. I believe she was probably there as part of a CNN Hero thing; maybe to follow up on Maiti Nepal’s Anuradha Koirala post-her CNN HERO 2010 win. 

Demi stayed at the only boutique hotel; Dwarikas. That’s where Orlando Bloom and Richard Gere stayed aswell. She was seen strolling in Battisputtali by a Facebook friend; unrecognised. She also visited Bhairahawa and Lumbini along with Anuradha. Incognito or what! Apparently Sting was in Kathmandu in the late nineties in a very hush hush affair. Like come on Nepali Media, I am sureee you guy’s knew about her arrival. Why not make it front cover? It would be refreshing to read and see this rather than see Mr Bhattarai, Mr Khanal or Prachandajee’s latest never-ending antics.
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Omg…. Seriously lex u hav become sooooooooooooooo boring…. Always abt materialist stuff… M gettin bored these days with your blog.. Give sth interesting n inspiring… Same ol same ol… Everyone seems to b gud photographer these days everyone owns DSLR…. Wakks laagdo… Jailey party nth new n exciting in ur blog. I reckon u shud stop re k…. Just a tot… U do well no matter eat nyone says…:)

  2. who ever anonymous said Lex u have become boring I totally disagree k.. I know everyone has their own opinion tara I do not find it boring k, and I am not the one to look around other nepalese websites for news and recent activites, so when I am casually surfing the net and see Lex’s post on recent updates, I still find it very interesting k.. I know you maybe trying to give some kind of constructive criticism, but I sense a little bit of negativity there k.. but then again it could just be me, so lets be positive and support Nepalese talent like Lex who are trying to do their thing.

  3. Yea Rajesh dai ta ma jastai daykhado raicha ni ta yaar.Ma afai ek chin ta jhuki rakhayko.Lol good coverage Lex.

  4. yeahhhh queenenigmaa rox….shes lady wid beautiful talent n beautiful soul…adore and respect her !!! shes soooo inspiring for new generation…d way she sticked on her own ideas while her family wasnt supporting in earlier dayz….no offence she has a swweet family too…

  5. Why Demi Moore should suffer the paparazzi coverage in Nepal too? Leave her alone, let her travel Nepal anonymously. Let her have peace of mind.

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