Voice Of Ashford : Daulat Rai

Here’s a voice which so far has gone unnoticed by the Nepalese in the UK. Daulat Rai lives in Ashford, England but has recently released his debut solo album ‘Juneli’ which will go on sale from May in Nepal. The album which was recorded earlier this year has composition by Alok Shree. All of the vocals are by Daulat himself and the song above proves that he’s a very fine singer; you be the judge by hitting play above. 
New actress on the block Keki Adhikari is seen in the video which has a very Alok Nembang feel to it. The song Hasi Hasi is the first from the album which is also Daulat’s favourite track. He states how music began as a mere ‘interest’ while he attended Sadhana Kala Kendra but later on realised that he wanted to contribute directly to the industry. Even before this album Daulat sang alongside Mallika Karki in ‘Kasari Kasari’ for her self-titled album ‘Mallika’
I have just shared the Voice of Ashford; now I hope all those living in Ashford will share this and spread his music too. And those interested in his album – contact the man himself here.
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