The Uglyz ko Sadhai Bhari VIDEO

What do you lot think about The Uglyz ko freshly released music video of Sadhai Bhari from their album In Transit? Im diggin’ the song. It’s very calm and cheery. Now the video. I like the concept and definitely the house! W…O…W but something just didnt feel quite complete. I dont know whether it was the lack of after-effects in terms of color-correction and stuff. Or maybe we’re so used to seeing lots of little sparkly effects in most videos these days…
Lex Limbu
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  1. the video absolutely didn’t make sense with the context of what the song was saying.. maybe it just me

  2. i was so preoccupied looking at the house i didn’t even bother listening to the song. Dyaaam that house is the booomb!!! :p

  3. Personally i didnt lyk the song and Yes it was lacking something!!!! They could have done some dance steps, instead of walking lyk that…..And the touch of girls in this vedieo was very low.

    Was it an advertisement of House interior or wot? LOL

  4. song didnt really attract me to listen again, infact i was only watching the house and the Frames all over the wall. He was lacking confident while walking down the stairs…..

  5. The whole time I just felt like they were trying to show off the house
    Personally I’ve always loved their songs and videos but this was a bit of a disappointment

  6. Nice song but don’t like the video! Apart from the fact that it was all done in one single shot, in a very luxurious house, there isn’t much to it. And why wear sunglasses inside? :/

  7. Sabin Rai’s not wanna be Brayan Adams whoeve u r… he cant help it tht his voice matches wid Adams … Moron he’s nt tryin’ to copy his vocal or smthng like tht …Read or watch his interviews and u’ll knw …

  8. Okay why are they wearing sunglasses inside trying to be cool so uncool looked ridiculous .
    and why was those two men sharing the bed LOL.
    hahahaha i liked the concept of the video and very nice house

  9. hey Guys,
    Check this song out from a band called “Mutthi”. They are a nepali band based in Sydney. Watch it and leave feedback in youtube to let them know what you think of it.


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