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Being popular is easy, but being popular for the right reason is hard. I blog, I YouTube and I want to be known for the right reason. Atleast a reason that I would be proud of as well. The journey so far has been very kind. Expected glitches have been encountered along the way but a person who put’s themselves forth the mass should have the ability to march on. And that, I do. 

On Everest Times, UK. Interview by Simant Gurung – 13/04/11

Recognition, appreciation and gratitude is overwhelming and encouraging. Thank you to the various media publications for acknowledging me so far. WAVE magazine, BFBS Gurkha Radio, Nepali Patra, Kantipur Newspaper, Everest Times and all those that have expressed interest in me. A familiar face that you will be seeing on Navyaata magazine from this month onwards is myself writing for the blog section. I didn’t even imagine that one day I would be receiving such opportunities. I owe this to all of you guys. 

Thank You 


Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. awww!! god bless u lex hope you do well. I guess you are already a role model now 🙂 just to let you know I found out about you for the first time through chadni chowk to nepal video and loved it and from that day till now I admire your work. all the best!

  2. fwak u gay ass ..ur 100%chakkaa…who da fuk ru to say u started dis blog shit…pll following u omg.fuck off u piece of shit..n stop hating on miss guffadi…

  3. Ananymous no3, if he is so gafadi n u don’t like him then y do you bother coming to this blog. Whatever he is, atleast he’s doing something good unlike you. You got a very big ego my fren n I guess u r too young to understand. If u can’t do anything don’t interfere in others stuff. Shame on u, I feel ashamed to find ppl like u who calls them Nepali n complains all the time. Hypocrite!!!!

  4. waahh navyata ma pani..
    congrats lex!!
    i love you lex limbu [haha]
    btw promise ko kahile ho ek chin ?? chito na..

  5. Congratulation Lex!

    I hope the venture with Navyatta rocks.. haven’t had the chance to get hand at it but it seems pretty amazing by the look of it in FB page and media coverage.. plus Malvika joining as editor!!! your team will simply ROCK!

    Keep blogging, we need more youngsters like yourself who is self assertive.. 🙂

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