Village With 24Hours Electricity

*Yo photo chai random gau ko ho hai.

Some GOOD NEWS. Whilst Kathmanduitees face long hours spent in darkness some rural village’s are living in basic luxury! Residents of Parche VDC in Kaski enjoy 24 hours interrupted electricity supply for only Rs100 a month. Now obviously, these residents in the village probably don’t have about a dozen light bulbs in each room and a TV/laptop/stereo/blender and everything but it’s GOOD to know that the rural area is making a progress. To read the full post by Republica, hit the link!

Another news of progress is that Sinam, a village in Taplejung which had phone connections till the late 90’s is being more connected now as more residents are acquiring telephone and TV ownership. In the rural area’s solar power is god-gifted as that is used to supply energy for electricity. I frequently spoke to my grandma over the phone in Sinam till the late 90’s, however after the Maoists worked their magic by destroying the cables Sinam was out of contact from the world. Thankfully the village is back on the road to being connected. Hoping more villages are success stories such as these two. 😀
How luxurious is your gau?  

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  1. my village have 24/7 electricity just for 85 to 100 rupees a month not too mention luxuries amount of natural clean healthy water.they got an high school (government school) and a boarding school private school.they got an hall made of tin which is the film hall.and almost every house have TV in their homes.the one who don’t have goes to their neighbour to watch serials.and when they got money they go to film hall to watch latest movie who uses dvd. they have namastey mobile tower in the village and many people carries cell phones.They have really developed which makes us feel happy. and yes the motor way is reaching there slowly ,its not perfect but some buses,jeep and tractor goes there, which has made people living in city areas to go to the village often because if there ain’t motorway to village we need to take 1 and half day walk after 5 hrs drive from Ktm.even though there will be disadvantages of this but i believe the villagers will keep the culture safe.There is a big thing called unity between them and us too.its so happy to see our hometown developing when the situation of Nepal seems to be getting worse day by day specially in political way.i hope development will reach all the corner of Nepal like it is in my village i.e Gorkha Barpak.

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