Earth Day in Dharan!

Though I’ve only spent few years in Dharan, it’s somewhere close to my heart me. I was born in Ghopa Camp and have gone back and visited the town several times. It’s fantassstic to see such a good team work from people of various different fields coming together on Earth Day (22.04.11) to clean up Budha Subba Temple. From what I can make of it, there’s school students, B-Boy crews to participation from local civilians. This sort of initiative must be encouraged and applauded. Kudos to Darshan Dharan and ‘We Dharane’ on Facebook for the images and keeping us Dharane’s so informed even though we’re halfway around the world. 

 Similarly, the annual gathering – Dharane Bhela is set to take place on 18th June at Oak Farm Community School in Farnborough. I hope all the Dharane residents based in the UK make it there! Tell me, what chowk are you from? #Pindeshwari Chowk!! 


For the full set of Temple Cleaning Pictures.
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Lex Limbu
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