Yummy Cupcakes in Kathmandu!

Chocolate Fantasy – The finest chocolate from top to bottom
Check out these yummy cupcakes! Looks delicious right!! As written on their FB page this new venture ”THE CUPCAKERY NEPAL” is popularized by the hit US-show Sex and The City
Aloha – Tropical Flavors of Hawaii meets The Cupcakery
Involved in this new-wave venture is Sanjay and Trisha; you probably read their story ‘A Beautiful Struggle’ previously on the site. Trisha explains howBiraj (brother) was baking some cupcakes one day and ding…we thought it would be a good thing to do a business which we all love and are passionate about”. With self-taught Biraj Rai doing most of the ‘making’ of the cupcake’s, Trisha enthusiastically shares that ”this is Biraj’s baby”. They are currently on a look out for a perfect location… if you guys have any available shutters that you think would be good for these entrepreneurial young minds then do contact them! 

Their ingredients are all homegrown in Nepal and they want to continue this trend and possibly become a fully fair trade cupcake bakery. If your mouth is already watering then the good news is that they have a delivery service running at the moment and a attractive upcoming Mothers Day deal (9 cupcakes = Rs500)!!! The prices range from only Rs 60-70 but the ‘OH YES’ news is that the prices are very likely to come down once they enter the market properly! Competition times! KERCHING!

I cannot wait to try the cupcakes out and a little request to Trisha, Sanjay and Biraj is I want a cupcake after me! a ‘Lex Cake’. Sounds like a complete seller!

Check out the photos of the Cupcakes!
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  1. Price chahi ali sasto hunu paryo hai at most $35 dollar per cupcake. Neway mero mukh nai rasayo..Nepal ako bela ma kunai Nepali ingredients le bharipurna cupcake dekhe bhane pakka try garchu. All the best for business, the chef and business ppz involved. 🙂

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