Nawang’s Tara!

I’ve titled this; Nawang’s Tara. All the pictures on this post definitely shine like a star. She is Nawang Tara Ghale. I had heard of the name… but not seen the work. #shameonme. It is to be seen.
There’s something about her face. Her eyes maybe, it is haunting. For once, I am intrigued by what I’m seeing. The versatile photographer is capable of taking shots capturing the  beauty of Kathmandu to Paris but the one’s that leave me with an impression are the ones on this post; eerie feeling takes over.
 Amusingly, I find all these shots scary. It’s freaky. From the Teddy Bear, Blood to her pulling you in. It’s those eyes again. They’re not innocent. I’m scared at how I’ll react if I am to ever meet her. 
 She’s currently in Kathmandu. If you’ve just had an eyegasm then blame it on Noal Gurung. You maybe familiar with from before; Noal had the opportunity to be snapped by her. The photos are more than amazing. 

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Finally… a picture to end this post. 
Nawang’s Tara…
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. nice work Nawang. like the composition.but not a fan of crossprocessing may look cool buy as a photographer you will not grow(avoid them as much as you can try to get the most natural colours during editing. bokeh is tempting but again don’t get carried away make the picture sharp before trying to achieve a good bokeh (pic 2 suffers from this problem think twice before you crank that f stop).now i move on to framing, the 1st and last pic could’ve been much better if you’d cropped out the mundane bits.also most of the object in your composition are at center, on symmetry photography its fine but on the rest try using the rule of third. I wont comment on lighting and shadow detail(will be long and boring).take these comment as advice rather then criticism. u are awesome non the less.

    Mr V

  2. haha i’m scary eh?I’m intrigued by how you saw my photos. “Scary” is definitely a much more interesting comment than plain “awesome”. I think it would be really interesting to meet with you Lex! thanks much for this post. .

    @Mr V, thanks for the critique. I admit to being addicted to cross processing and the focus bit. The cross processing is because I don’t want to just capture things as it is. But try to take it to the next level. To each his own, I say. However the focus bit, I think i need to get my eyes checked too. I also keep in mind the symmetry and the rule of thirds, but what’s the fun in following rules? Thanks nonetheless!

    Much love, Lex xx

  3. I’ve seen lots n lots of this n that photography these days. And I just don’t know why most of them try to make their pictures unreal.

    I’m not an expert in photography but I really love photography. What I think is it would be much more better if photographer avoid editing as much as they can and present the real and raw ones-I think it would be great rather than those obtained from much more editing over raw photographs.

    Anyways I should praise her works-amazing!! I’m in love. 🙂

  4. Nice work but as they say devil lies in details,what Mr V is trying to say may be advice but I find it rather funny that he could see lots of flaws(another name for which comes as advice)in it.I would rather be normal peeps and just say wonderful than fill my head with so much knowledge and see only flaws.I think the main object of the picture is to generate emotions,for Lex it generated fear ,for me it is nice work, and to Mr V lots of work in process.So her picture is nevertheless bordering on good side.I think Nawang can create her own style with lot of flaws( in some people eyes) ,but how can you be sure that if she follows Mr V advices it can create the same effect like it has now with all the flaws.I mean she is just doing her normal stuff without following any rules which is quite good.Let me not go to Mr V’s spelling and punctuation,that will be long and boring.Take these as advice rather than comments,that sometime things turn out just as beautiful without following many details and rules .Whats the point if you follow so many details and fail to create beauty in people’s eyes??
    I don’t know Nawang personally but I don’t like people harboring in details too much.If Mr V knew really to be nice critique then he could have said in one sentence,
    ” your work has potential”.


  5. If people are putting their work out there then they must learn to deal with criticism because thats the way you are going to improve yourself and your work. Listen and take note.

    To say something about her work I find it breathtaking- I actually love the whole major photo editing- makes me feel like theres a world outside.It’s just beautiful- hauntingly beautiful. I have come across many nepalese photographers but you have your own unique style which gives your own identity. So well done girl!
    Also, you have a striking face!

  6. I find it very similar to queenenigma’s pictures and cOncepts. N I think she is way better and experienced than this lady. I am not being typically Nepali n trying to criticize but seriously if u see hers n this lady’s pictures it’s very similar. As I was used to queen’s pics when I saw this I did not find it in anyway fascinating as it resembles queen’s concept. No offense but it looks very very beginner’s work n I agree wit mr. V, it has too many flaws to comPliment. Sorry :D, I had to say this as m a very nosy person… Lol

  7. Dd, If you spend most of your leisure on flicker, DeviantART etc then you’d know a lot about concepts being ditto (imitated?). Nawang is an aspiring photographer. She is still creeping along the learning curvature. I have seen her grow.

    Khedup, if or not you like editing is upto individuals’ choice. Whilst it is imperative for fashion photographers, it may hold less importance in war photography. Photography has come a long way since the advent of digital camera along with editing softwares and people still do debate about what’s what. E.g. some don’t consider HDR, a photography while others enjoy its surrealism. It’s all about personal taste. It would be safe to classify ’em all as Arts nevertheless.

    Anon, has rightly put ‘If people are putting their work out there then they must learn to deal with criticism because thats the way you are going to improve yourself and your work. Listen and take note.’

    An apt saying ”Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man’s growth without destroying his roots.” by Frank Clark comes to my mind right now.

    Yes! Nawang has potential. 🙂



  8. Wth ???
    Why people can’t take criticism ?
    Should we all go goody goody for whatever people do ?

    Yeah, taking notes n lessons from so called criticism may help !

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