Hamro Team – Footballers TV Pick!

After the argued success (or debacle) of Kagbeni, director Bhusan Dahal hasn’t been seen attempting cinema again. Nonetheless his presence is still largely felt in the TV industry. 9th of June will be the day when football fanatics in Nepal will rejoice to see a tv show based on football; the launch of HAMRO TEAM. This show is Bhusan Dahal’s new project that has already received a lot of publicity, curiousity and expectations. We, Nepalis do tend to build it [expectations] too high just to be let down so fellow audience and readers, go easy. 
Hamro Team stars Reecha Sharma (First Love, Highway) as a coach training a team of boys. I’m sure by now your thinking, a girl coach. Interesting aye. Shows such as Hamro Team have been made in various developing countries of the global south. This is an effort made by ‘Search For Common Ground’ to raise awareness and educate the youth regarding the differences in our society and how to work together to be above it. If you have seen any interviews from the cast and crew of HT you will know that they have used a diverse bunch of characters; probably to reflect our 4 Jaat 36 Barna.
Give me feedback on what the shows like!
9th of June
Kantipur TV
9 PM
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